Twitch streamer Indiefoxx is not new to being banned from the platform; in 2021 alone, the content creator has been banned a total of six times. Indiefoxx, a 26-year-old whose real name is Jenelle Dagres, is attributed with being one of the Twitch streamers who kicked off the controversial hot tub and sexualized ASMR metas.

In fact, Indiefoxx’s penultimate ban, which occurred on June 18, was for licking the microphone during an ASMR stream and wearing yoga pants with her rear end displayed prominently for the camera. This coincided with the day that streamer Amouranth was banned for exactly the same behavior, and both content creators returned to the platform after three days. While Amouranth seems to have pulled back from the sexually suggestive streams, Indiefoxx continued.


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On June 28, Indiefoxx was banned again and, although the precise reason has not been made clear, it is likely for once again engaging in overtly sexual content, which is prohibited in Twitch’s terms of service. In addition to being unable to stream on the platform, Indiefoxx’s Twitch partnership has also apparently been revoked. A user called CommanderRoot shared an image on Twitter that shows that Indiefoxx is no longer a Twitch affiliate or partner.

The streamer herself has been silent on social media since the ban occurred, while she usually jokes about being removed from Twitch, and it is rumored that the reason is because this time her exclusion from the platform may be indefinite. Even Amouranth spoke out on a Reddit thread about the situation and expressed that she believes that is the explanation for Indiefoxx’s silence.

Losing a Twitch partnership can be a major blow for a content creator, particularly if Twitch is a primary source of income. The streamer can no longer have paid subscribers and loses access to lucrative sources of ad revenue. In the case of Indiefoxx, the content streamer does have other sources of income, such as OnlyFans, but she currently has more than two million followers on Twitch and averages close to 10,000 viewers per stream. And the bans seem to only boost her popularity, although this time it seems she may have toed the line too far.

Twitch has long been criticized for its inconsistency in enforcing its prohibition of sexualized content, letting popular streamers get away with otherwise unacceptable behavior or allowing large moneymakers back on the platform sooner than seems fair. While it’s expected that Indiefoxx will eventually be permitted to return to streaming on Twitch, the loss of partnership status makes one wonder how soon that will be, considering that she will no longer be a major source of revenue for the platform.

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