Lost Judgment was released in September of 2021 and is the second title in RGG Studio's Judgment franchise. Like its 2019 predecessor and the studio's Yakuza series, the game is set in Japan, with much of the story taking place in fictional areas of Tokyo and Yokohama; the two largest cities in the Kanto region.

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Greg Chun returns to provide the English voice of the game's main protagonist and is joined by a talented cast that includes Todd Haberkorn and Artt Butler. Like the original, Lost Judgment falls squarely into the action-adventure genre, providing players with a great story and a healthy mix of thought-provoking investigations and high octane combat.

Getting Started Main Story Walkthrough
Side Cases & School Stories Collectibles

Getting Started in Lost Judgment


Much of the game's prologue is spent learning about the key gameplay mechanics in Lost Judgment. As a result, players should have a pretty good idea of what they're doing by the time they arrive in Ijincho; even earlier if they played the original game or have any experience with the Yakuza franchise from which it spun off.

That said, there are still one or two things that players are left to figure out for themselves, some of which are not quite as intuitive as they could otherwise have been. This section will cover these areas, offering up how-to guides, tips and tricks, and answers to some of the more frequently asked questions about Lost Judgment.

How-to Guides

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Lost Judgment's Main Story


Lost Judgment takes place three years on from the events of the original game and once again places players in the shoes of Takumi Yagami: a former lawyer turned detective. The game's narrative centers around bullying in Japanese schools and the impact that it can have on not only the victims themselves, but also their loved ones and families.

There are thirteen chapters in total, as well as a short prologue section that introduces the game's main mechanics and some of the narrative's key players. As the story unfolds, there are numerous twists and turns that will keep players guessing, not to mention plenty of devilishly tricky puzzles and challenging boss fights.


Side Cases & School Stories in Lost Judgment


As is often the case with RGG Studio titles, Lost Judgment is full to the brim with content, which bodes well for those looking to take a break from the game's main story. As well as countless mini-games and other delightful distractions, the game features 42 unique side cases and ten special school stories that are centered around clubs and groups at Seiryo High.

Most of these become available after players have completed the first few chapters, but there are some that won't unlock until specific requirements have been met. This could involve solving other cases first, or, in some cases, raising Tak's leadership qualities to a certain level. This content can be tackled in tandem with the main story or after players have completed the game.


Collectibles in Lost Judgment


As well as side cases and school stories, Lost Judgment players can keep themselves busy by searching for some of the many collectible sets that are hidden throughout the game's world. Some of these, like skateboards, skill books, and records, can be found very early on, but that isn't always the case for every collectible set.

Other collectibles, like squirrel graffiti and Kappa statues, can only be found once players have initiated their respective side cases. With this in mind, and considering how many pieces of squirrel graffiti there are to find, it's best for players to start early so that they can be on the lookout for them as they progress through the main story.


News & Opinions


Though not quite as large as the Yakuza series from which it spun off, the Judgment franchise has proven to be a fairly popular one for Sega, particularly in Japan. Both games sold around 150,000 units in their first week on sale in the country, with plenty more copies being shifted in the west.

This section of the guide will include any post-release news centered around Lost Judgment, including information about potential DLC and any additional sales figures. This is also the place for opinions about the game and the future of the Judgment series.



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